The  e-learning component of the conference has been created to increase the overall event PD hours whilst allowing you the freedom to complete the content in your own time. It is an additional component available to all participants and is something that we would love to hear your thoughts on so we can continue to develop the e-learning for future conferences!​


We have set up the e-learning purely as an opportunity for those looking to increase their knowledge base during the conference week. Each days content can be accessed by scrolling down on this page. Each evening there will be an opportunity to discuss the days e-learning content in a self facilitated open forum session.


We recommend spending 2-3 hours on each topic however, you will soon find out that the links provided are just the tip of the iceberg! If during your browsing you come across points of interest which you feel would benefit conference delegates please  forward the links onto us at info@pdforteachers.com and we will add them to this page


Tuesday: E-Health Program

During today’s E-Learning session, we explore some of the many E-Health programs available online in Australia.

These learnings focus not only on the quantity of programs available but also comments on research surrounding the quality and effect of DHI (Digitals Health Interventions).






Wednesday: Staff well-being - Growth and Resilience:
Thursday: Emotional Intelligence

Today's E learning session focuses on the topics of Social Intelligence and Leadership. The article's included are great reading, as is the YouTube video by Daniel Goleman.

Friday: Work Life Balance

Our final E-learning session will focus on content most relevant to us as teachers. Work life balance is something that I’m sure we all strive for. At best we may come close to achieving this goal but hopefully this session will get move us just a little closer to it. 

Additional Reading and References from Presentations

This section will be utilised to upload any additional links, reading and reference provided by presenters during the conference week. 

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